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Honda Parts > Honda Accessories > Civic > Coupe & Si  2010  Electronics

2010 Honda Civic Coupe & Si Accessories

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AM/FM 6-Disc Tuner

Maximum power output: 40W x4. Total harmonic distortion: 0.05%. Tone action: Bass ± 10dB (100Hz), Treble ± 10dB (10kHz). Maximum current: 10A (Operating), 2.0mA (Stand by). CD Section Laser diode GaAIAs (λ=780nm). Digital filter (D/A). 8x oversampling. 1 bit D/A converter. Wow and flutter: Below measurable level. Frequency response (±1dB): 5Hz-20kHz. Signal to noise ratio: 94dB. Dynamic range: 94dB. Stereo separation: 85dB.
Part Number: 08A50-SNA-100
Application: 2010 Civic Coupe DX
Note: Requires audio attachment

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Retail Price: $856.26
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Audio Attachment: 08B01-SNA-100  

8 Disc CD Changer

Simply load up to eight compact discs into the CD Changer's magazine for hours and hours of your favorite music. The 8 Disc CD Changer is the perfect complement to your Honda's audio system equipped with Compact Disc Controller™ technology. Direct access and scan functions make it easy to choose any track on any disc. Eight disc capacity for up to nine hours (or more) of continuous play. Repeat your favorite song as many times as you could possibly need to hear it. Skip and search to any track or passage within a track. Three beam laser pickup with die-cast zinc chassis for maximum stability, even on rough roads. 8x oversampling and 16 bit linear system. This is basically tech-talk for "phenomenal sound." Hidden from view and safely stashed away in either the rear console or in the trunk. Convenient direct push button so you can quickly select any disc. Installation requires the separate CD Changer Attachment.
Part Number: 08A26-5E1-101
Application: All 2010 Civic Coupe EXCEPT DX
Note: Required CD changer attachment

Your Price: $319.60
Retail Price: $446.23
Quantity must be integer between 1 and 9999
8 Disc CD Changer Magazine: 08A16-5E1-200  
CD Changer Attachment: 08B26-SVA-100  

Installation Instructions:2010 Instructions PDF

Engine Block Heater

If you live in an area that experiences freezing temperatures, you may already know just how important an Engine Block Heater is. Not only will your car start faster in freezing temperatures, but you'll greatly reduce wear and tear on your battery and engine. Solid brass encased heating element is reliable and durable. Faster warm-up time of the engine allows the heater and defroster to warm up more quickly too. Simple to use. Just plug the heater's cord into a normal household outlet.
Application: All 2010 Civic Coupe
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Installation Instructions:
2010 Instructions PDF 2010 Si Instructions PDF

Remote Engine Starter

The all new REMOTE ENGINE STARTER SYSTEM is designed to provide convenience for Honda owners living in cold or hot climate conditions. Warm-up your vehicle in the winter, or cool it down in the summer. The remote emits a signal to the receiver unit that commands the vehicle system to start and stop the engine. UP TO 200 FT RANGE with the vehicle and remote. COMMAND BUTTON to prevent accidental engine starts/stop. AUTOMATICALLY activates vehicle climate control and defroster. TWO-WAY REMOTE SYSTEM that lets you know your vehicle's status. APPLIES TO VEHICLES with Automatic Climate Control. See your Owner's Manual.
Part Number: 08E91-E22-101B
Application: 2010 Civic Coupe LX, EX, EX-L
Note: Requires remote engine starter attachment. Automatic transmission vehicles only

Your Price: $258.00
Retail Price: $348.00
Quantity must be integer between 1 and 9999
Attachment: 08E92-SNA-100B  

Installation Instructions:2010 Instructions PDF

Additional Engine Starter Key Fob

Add an additional key fob. Only one is included with the starter system.
Part Number: 08E91-E22-1M001
Application: 2010 Civic Coupe LX, EX, EX-L
Your Price: $112.80
Retail Price: $157.00
Quantity must be integer between 1 and 9999

Bass System Speakers

The new Bass Speaker System adds smooth deep bass to your factory audio sound. Includes two high power lightweight speakers and manually adjustable, high power amplifier unit. Amplifier unit can be adjusted for power and low frequency output level. 6.5" speaker uses rare earth magnet (small but very powerful magnet) for maximum power out without increasing weight. A rigid resin shell cone minimizes sound distortion due to flexing of cone, contributing to clear sound.
Part Number: 08A54-SNA-100
Application: 2010 Civic Coupe DX,LX
Note: Requires bass speaker system attachment

Your Price: $240.00
Retail Price: $322.61
Quantity must be integer between 1 and 9999
Attachment: 08B54-SVA-100  

Installation Instructions:2010 Instructions PDF

XM® Satellite Radio Kit

Everything worth listening to is now on XM. Classic rock to classical concertos. Hip-hop to hot jazz. Politics to public radio to premier sports. World music to world news and everything in between. That's XM Radio, which now includes the optional Best of SIRIUS. Over 170 digital channels of music, news, sports, traffic, weather, and entertainment. Live concerts plus exclusive original programming. Digital sound for the best tonal quality available. The biggest names in news, talk, and entertainment. The most sports play-by-play. Major league baseball. Every team. All season long. This equipment is only available for certain models and trims. Activation required. Audio head unit does not need to be replaced.
Part Number: 08A15-3J1-001
Application: 2010 Civic Coupe EX, EX-L, Si
Note: Requires XM satellite radio attachment and antenna

Your Price: $138.00
Retail Price: $175.00
Quantity must be integer between 1 and 9999
2 Port Harness Adapter: 08A31-0F1-000  
Antenna: 08A15-0J1-100  
Attachment: 08B15-SNA-100A   For EX, EX-L
Attachment: 08B15-SNA-100B   For Si

Installation Instructions:
2010 Si Instructions PDF 2010 EX,EX-L Instructions PDF

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