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Honda Accord Back Up Sensor Kit

You'll soon be zipping in and out of parking spots you may previously have passed over as too small. Help yourself in or out of a tight spot with the back-up sensors, while helping to protect your paint (and the paint on other people's cars, too). A separate back-up sensor attachment is required for installation.
OEM Honda Accord Back Up Sensor Kit

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08V67-TA0-110K Taffeta White (NH-578)$ 257.00$190.80
08V67-TA0-130K Alabaster Silver Metallic (NH-700M)$ 257.00$190.80
08V67-TA0-140K Polished Metal Metallic (NH-737M)$ 257.00$190.80
08V67-TA0-150K Nighthawk Black Pearl (B-92P)$ 255.00$189.60
08V67-TE0-160K San Marino Red (R-94)$ 256.27$190.55
08V67-TE0-170K Belize Blue Pearl (B-551P)$ 256.27$190.55
08V67-TL2-2B0K Crystal Black Pearl (NH-731P)$ 257.00$190.80
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Application: All 08-09 Accord 2dr
Note: Requires back-up sensor attachment (P/N 08V67-TE0-100A, H/C 8722134)

Attachment:  08V67-TE0-100A   for All 08-09 Accord 2dr

Installation Instructions:2009 Instructions PDF2008 Instructions PDF