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Honda Odyssey Body Colored Back-Up Sensors

Help yourself in or out of a tight spot while protecting your paint.
OEM Honda Odyssey Body Colored Back-Up Sensors

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08V67-SHJ-110K Nighthawk Black Pearl (B-92P)$ 255.28$184.52
08V67-SHJ-140K Taffeta White (NH-578)$ 255.28$184.52
08V67-SHJ-160K Silver Pearl Metallic (NH-678M)$ 255.28$184.52
08V67-SHJ-170K Slate Green Metallic (NH-679M)$ 255.28$184.52
08V67-SHJ-1B0K Ocean Mist Metallic (B-530M)$ 255.28$184.52
08V67-SHJ-1C0K Nimbus Gray Metallic (NH-705M)$ 255.28$184.52
08V67-SHJ-1D0K Dark Cherry Pearl (R-529P)$ 255.28$184.52
08V67-SHJ-1E0K Baltic Blue Pearl (B-547P)$ 255.28$184.52
08V67-SHJ-1F0K Mocha Metallic (YR-573M)$ 255.28$184.52
08V67-SHJ-1G0K Bali Blue Pearl (B-552P)$ 255.28$184.52
08V67-SHJ-1H0K Sterling Gray Metallic (NH-741M)$ 255.28$184.52
Quantity must be integer between 1 and 9999
Application: All 08-09 Odyssey models except Touring
Note: Requires appropriate back-up sensor attachment

Attachment:  08V67-SHJ-100B   for 2008 Odyssey models except Touring
Attachment:  08V67-SHJ-101C   for 2009 Odyssey models except Touring

Installation Instructions:2009 Instructions PDF2008 Instructions PDF