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Honda Pilot Cargo Cover

Help protect your belongings from damaging UV rays and keep them out of sight with the custom Cargo Cover. It's fully retractable and made of color-coordinated material for a great look and long life.
OEM Honda Pilot Cargo Cover

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08U35-SZA-110 Manual Tailgate, Black (NH-167L)$ 130.66$95.25
08U35-SZA-110A Power Tailgate, Black (NH-167L)$ 131.00$95.94
08U35-SZA-120 Manual Tailgate, Gray (NH-686L)$ 131.00$95.94
08U35-SZA-120A Power Tailgate, Gray (NH-686L)$ 131.00$95.94
08U35-SZA-130 Manual Tailgate, Blue (B-167L)$ 130.66$95.25
08U35-SZA-130A Power Tailgate, Blue (B-167L)$ 130.66$95.25
08U35-SZA-140 Manual Tailgate, Beige (YR-309L)$ 131.00$95.94
08U35-SZA-140A Power Tailgate, Beige (YR-309L)$ 131.00$95.94
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Application: 2009 Pilot LX, EX, EX-L, EX-L RES

Installation Instructions:2009 Instructions PDF