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Honda Civic Rear Under Spoiler

Adding the Rear Under Body Spoiler is a great way to bring out the assertive styling of your Honda. Extends rear body work for an aggressive look. Color-matched to your Honda.
OEM Honda Civic Rear Under Spoiler

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08F03-SVA-110A Taffeta White *NH-578*$ 356.00$267.60
08F03-SVA-120A Alabaster Silver *NH-700M*$ 356.00$267.60
08F03-SVA-160A Royal Blue *B-536P*$ 356.00$267.60
08F03-SVA-170A Atomic Blue *B-537M*$ 356.00$267.60
08F03-SVA-180A Rallye Red *R-513*$ 356.00$267.60
08F03-SVA-1A0A Crystal Black *NH-731P*$ 356.00$267.60
08F03-SVA-1B0A Polished Metal *NH-737M*$ 356.00$267.60
08F03-SVA-1C0A Dyno Blue *B-561P*$ 356.00$267.60
08F03-SVA-1D0A Redline Orange *YR-577P*$ 356.00$267.60
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Application: All 2010 Civic Coupe

Installation Instructions:2010 Instructions PDF