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The Honda Fit EV, introduced in 2012, is an all-electric version of the second-generation Honda Fit. Debuting in Japan and the U.S., this vehicle combined the popular design of the gas-powered model with enhanced eco-friendly features. The Fit EV sports a 123-hp electric motor providing rapid acceleration and utilizing a surface-mounted lithium-ion battery, chargeable within three hours using a standard 240-volt charger. This model impresses with its performance, offering acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in under nine seconds in Sport mode, and maintaining power even at higher city speeds. It differentiates itself with an advanced suspension system and unique features such as an enhanced key fob for remote charging and climate control management and the optional Honda Link EV smartphone app for optimizing charging schedules and finding charging stations. The interior mirrors the classic Fit design, with large, user-friendly screens providing vital information like battery level and range, while maintaining the vehicle's eco-conscious design through sugar-cane-based upholstery. Honda leased only about 1,100 Fit EVs during its three-year production period, each featuring an exclusive pearl blue color, EV badging, chrome front panels, clear glass taillights, a rear spoiler, and 15-inch alloy wheels unique to this model. Additionally, Honda enhanced the Fit EV's aerodynamics with specially designed front and rear bumpers and side skirts, contributing to improved airflow and increased mileage.

Despite its electric power, the Honda Fit EV isn't immune to wear and tear over time, and owners must understand common problems to maintain its longevity. One of the most recurrent issues, often surfacing around 14,000 miles, is battery failure, indicated by the Check Engine Light, inability to idle without jump-starting, and a non-responsive ignition. Regular maintenance of the alternator, ignition starter, and battery can help mitigate this. Another common problem is transmission failure, typical across Honda models. Symptoms include difficulty shifting gears due to a broken shift cable, unusual noises when the clutch is depressed owing to a defective release bearing, and abnormal pedal behavior caused by a faulty clutch master cylinder. Additionally, parts that don't typically last as long as the vehicle's lifespan, like wiper blades and lights, demand extra attention. Wiper blades, made of soft rubber, work in harsh conditions and require replacement every six months for optimal visibility. Regular maintenance of the headlights and fog lights is equally essential for safety.

If you want to save money in the long run on maintenance and repairs, you should choose OEM products because they're of the highest level of durability. On our platform, we provide genuine Honda Fit EV parts at the lowest prices while ensuring top-tier quality. Feel at ease shopping with us, knowing we have a hassle-free return policy and rapid delivery service.