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About Honda

Honda's full name is Honda Motor Industry Co., Ltd. It is founded in Hamamatsu, Japan in October 1946. The company started in 1948. It started with bicycle-assisted engines. Since then, Honda has gradually developed to produce high-quality products and parts in various fields. Its products are various from small general-purpose engines to scooters to sports cars. The company name is derived from the founder Soichiro Honda. Honda's current product line is mainly composed of the following businesses. They are automobiles, motorcycles, power products, aircraft, and parts. The vehicle business consists of the core brand Honda and the luxury brand Acura.
Honda has been the world's largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959. By the end of 2019, Honda's motorcycle production reached 400 million units. It is also the world's largest manufacturer of internal combustion engines. In 1972, the Civic was born. And the Civic was Honda's real Honda sedan sold all over the world. In the same year, the Civic won the best Japanese model. The model is now in its tenth generation and remains one of Honda's best-selling models. In 1973, Honda's other best-selling car, the Accord, was born. The car was equipped with Honda's advanced technology and parts at the time. And it had CVCC engine parts, CVCC-II engine parts, and Hondamatic automatic shift transmission. Also, it was equipped with overdrive, a speed-sensitive steering system, and safety indicators. In 1983, the Honda CR-X was introduced. It was a sports model based on the chassis of the Civic at that time. In 1986, Honda launched the luxury car brand Acura. In the same year, Honda's first large sedan, the Legend, was born. In 1991, Honda's Beat was born, which was Honda's first sporty K-Car. It was equipped with a 656cc engine, capable of exporting 63 horsepower. And this model is also of great significance in history. In 1995, the first-generation CRV came out. It was Honda's first city SUV.

Masterpieces of Honda

In 2001, Honda became the second-largest carmaker in Japan. The automaker also founded GE Honda Aero Engine in 2004. And it began production of the Honda HA-420 HondaJet in 2012. In 2013, it became the first Japanese automaker to net exports from the U.S. In 2015, the carmaker became the world's eighth-largest automaker. In October 2019, it was reported that it and Hitachi were in discussions to merge the automotive parts businesses of the two companies. So they have created a parts supplier with annual sales of nearly USD 17 billion. In March 2022, the company announced that it would develop and manufacture electric vehicles in a joint venture with Sony. Honda would be in charge of the car and parts manufacturing process.
Developing for many years, Honda has become a giant car and parts manufacturer. It operates assembly plants in many places. There are plenty of high-quality genuine Honda parts for different models. The cars and parts are admired for their luxury, durability, and reliability. And the automaker attracts many customers because of Honda parts. Drivers can search for genuine Honda parts at the online shop. Genuine Honda parts are produced by automobile manufacturers.