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About Honda Prelude

Honda Prelude, as a sports coupé, was produced by the renowned Japanese automobile manufacturer Honda Motor Co., Ltd. from 1978 to 2001. The first Honda Prelude was introduced in 1978 to compete with the Toyota Celica, Nissan Silvia and Mitsubishi Eclipse and designed based on Honda Accord. Though its lifespan only sprawled for five generations, Honda Prelude had been on Car and Driver magazine's annual Ten Best List for ten times. It even started Honda's tradition of musically related nomenclature.
When the fourth generation Honda Prelude (1991-1996) got introduced in Japan on September 19, 1991, it was also available worldwide for the 1992 model year. In United States, Honda Prelude was offered in S, Si, SE, and VTEC trim levels. And it was powered by a 2.2 L SOHC engine that could produce 133 hp and 150 pound feet of torque, a 2.2 L VTEC engine that could generate 187 hp and 153 pound feet of torque and a 2.3 L DOHC engine with output of 158 hp and 156 pound feet of torque. These engines were mated to either a 4-speed automatic or a 5-speed manual transmission. On November 7, 1996, the fifth generation Honda Prelude (1996-2001) debuted. Base and Type SH were only available trims. Powertrain was retained from previous generation.

Honda Prelude Common Problems & Maintenance Tips

As a 2-door sports coupé, Honda Prelude has its own delicacy. Unfortunately, as time passes by, it could not get away from the shared fate with many other vehicles that it would wear and tear. For a Honda Prelude owner, I believe you have every reason to know about how to diagnose and solve common problems on it:
First, engine failure. Engine would eventually fail if your Honda Prelude's life is to come to an end. What you should be alert is the premature engine failure. Generally speaking, this problem in Honda Prelude would manifest as burning oil smell, losing oil through the exhaust, knocking sound from the engine, retarded ignition timing and engine performance reduced. Complete loss of power while acceleration and poor fuel economy are often the symptoms. Once Check Engine Light in Prelude comes on, you had better check if the Prelude oil pump, Prelude crankshaft pulley, valve cover gasket, timing cover, oil filter and Prelude timing belt are in right order.
Second, suspension and transmission go wrong. Many Honda Prelude drivers complained the driving trip was not that pleasant due to excessive vibration and poor handling. They told they could hear a clunking sound every time they went from drive to reverse and the front tires and brakes were always severely damaged so that the vehicle could bottom out. If your Honda Prelude is suffering from these, you really should inspect the Prelude radius arm bushing, coil spring insulator and control arm bushing. The Prelude shift cable in transmission system also should be payed enough attention to.
After talking about so much big and important auto parts in Honda Prelude, you can move on to some more little but same important parts for your driving trip. Window regulator provides a big convenience for lowering and raising windows as long as pressing the power window button rather than cranking up manually like old days. However, it would wear and tear and start to need more presses to roll the window up or down or make clicking sound, you should maintain it regularly in case your power window won't stay up or is crooked one day. Same goes to wiper blade, seat belt and fog lights.
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