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Payment Issues

  • Why is my shipping address required to be on file with my credit card company?

    This security measure is designed to protect our customers from identity theft and fraudulent transactions while ordering online. Protecting the privacy of our customers is very important to us.
    When the customer's shipping address is different from the billing address, the customer is required to add the shipping address onto their credit/debit card records as an "alternate shipping address". The reason we require customers to add the address on file is because the cardholder is the only person who has the authority to add an "alternate shipping address" on file with their account.
    Without this policy in place, anyone who obtains a credit card number can place an online order and have that order shipped anywhere in the United States. This measure is in place to prevent the possibility of fraud. In addition, if an order is not verified within 3 days, the order will be cancelled.
  • Why was my credit/debit card declined? How do I resubmit my order?

    A credit card can be declined if the credit card number, expiration date, or security code (CVV2) is incorrectly entered. If the information you submitted is correct, then your bank or credit card company may not have authorized us to charge the card. Please follow the next steps to correct this situation:

    Step 1: Please re-enter your credit card information and/or update your payment method. You will then receive a "real time" authorization for the charge of your credit card.

    Step 2: If your credit card has been declined again, please contact your credit card company as soon as possible. Please notify your card issuer that you attempted to place an online order with us and find out why they would not authorize us to charge your card.

    After your card issuer confirms that we are authorized to charge the card, please refer to step 1 and resubmit your order. A credit card may have also reached its daily limit, have insufficient credit, or declined for other reasons.
  • What is an authorization hold?

    Authorization holds are sent to your financial institution to verify that your payment method works. These requests are not charges, but in some cases, they may affect your available account balance. Your account is only charged when an order is invoiced and shipped out.
  • What is Failed to Charge and why am I being asked to repay with PayPal?

    A Failed to Charge situation occurs when we are not able to capture the funds from PayPal as the initial authorization expires. You will be notified via email to reinstate the authorization by logging into PayPal and resubmitting your PayPal payment details.

    NOTE: You are not charged twice. The email is only to reinstate the authorization as no funds were captured.